Shabby Squawk Chic Boutique


Great Selection

SH carries a great selection of items that make great gifts for that friend as well as the occasional ‘from me to me’ treat. Your friend isn’t a bird person? No problem plenty of things to choose from that are just shabby chic cool.

Vintage, Antiques and more!

The Shabby Squawk Chic Boutique has wonderful, vintage, old, one of a kind artisan pieces… Novelty items for less than $5, Décor including several one-of a kind handmade lamps, vintage linen sets, jewelry, conversation pieces and more.

We love it, and we love to share with you!

We like this stuff so much you’ll see many things used to decorate the rest of the store…so, if you see something you want, outside of the boutique, just let us know and we’ll remove it from its current perch to get a better look.

We'll find it for you!

Something you’re looking for, but we don’t have it? Let Nathalie know and she’ll go to work to find it!